Pat M's son, Joe called me on Valentine's Day. We still marvel at the "match made in Heaven" - Pat, Joe and Rena! I loved what you said to me when I called S.H.S. to notify them of Pat's passing (in 11/2017); you said, "They didn't want anyone else but you." Joe became - literally - like a "brother from another mother"!

I used to take Pat a bouquet of roses on occasion and Joe would dry them at the end of their life. After Pat passed, Joe made a wreath for me of the roses and presented it to me after the funeral service. Every time I look at the wreath, I think of what a wonderful gift Pat gave me of sharing her life with me. We would talk about books and movies till we were blue in the face. She worked as a legal secretary until she was 78 years old! What an amazing, amazing woman! I still miss her... (West Chester, PA)

— Rena H