Thank you so much for your visit to mom earlier in the week. It really lifted her spirits. Can I ask you to please send my appreciation to mom's Seniors for their visits, calls, cards and general interest in her during this disruptive period in her life. Each and every gesture has provided her with a consistency of support that has been crucial in her recovery. I am so very grateful. I think any relative of an elderly person would feel the same as I do. Caring for a senior goes beyond the day to day physical management of a person. Being cared for as an individual with unique needs and a unique history that someone takes the time to listen to makes a world of difference. I know that my mom, with her innately strong and determined personality is not always the easiest client and she has had her share of emotional ups and downs. I want you to know that the respect, professionalism and patience your staff has shown her has not gone unnoticed. Whenever she hears their voices or sees their smiling faces it brings a level of comfort and security that no medicine can replace. (Phoenixville, PA)

— Pam W.