Recommended Reading: "Inside Alzheimer's: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person Who Has Dementia"

Dara is an avid reader.  Since she has started working with Seniors Helping Seniors of Montco, her reading focus has turned towards topics of interest to her senior care providers and our care receivers.  Alzheimer's care is, sadly, a popular but important topic to today's aging population.

On this blog you will find some recommended titles and Dara looks forward to hearing and sharing your comments about them.

Alzheimer's care recommended reading


Inside Alzheimer’s: How To Hear and Honor Connections with a Person Who Has Dementia

by Nancy Pearce

I just recently finished this book and it was terrific.  As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, you may be at a loss how to communicate with your loved one.  This is a great book for helping to deal with this issue.

The book also helps you learn how to relieve your feelings of inadequacy when caring for an Alzheimer's care patient.

The Alzheimer’s Association’s website is also a great resource!  My mom had Alzheimer’s and I regret not going to a support group, however, those who go really get a lot out of it.  Click here for support groups in Pennsylvania.

The Alzheimer’s Association also does free educational programs and a list can be found here.