Recommended Reading: "Dr. Ruth’s Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver: How to Care for Your Loved One without Getting Overwhelmed"

I recently finished this book and I thought it was a great book for those providing dementia care.  Since there's separate chapters for various kinds of caregivers, you can jump around the book and read what you need.

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Dr. Ruth’s Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver: How to Care for Your Loved One without Getting Overwhelmed 

by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer and Pierre A. Lehu

When you hear the name Dr. Ruth, what do you think of?  Sex, right?  Well, Dr. Ruth’s background is in psychology and her latest book speaks to those givers of Alzheimer’s care or dementia care.  The first part of the book has a chapter devoted to those caring for a spouse and another for those dealing with a parent or other relative.  Oftentimes, the children and the elderly parents are living in the same household and this can expose the grandchildren in the family to the disease as well.  Dr. Ruth has great tips for those providing dementia care.

Most importantly, the book speaks to how, as a caregiver, you shouldn’t get yourself overburdened while providing dementia care.   Friends often want to help and not knowing how they can help, are often waiting to hear from you.  You, on the other hand, may feel bad about imposing on a friend.  I know, however, when I see a friend in need and I offer my assistance and they don’t take me up on it, I often wonder why.

What are simple things that friends can do for you?  Everyone goes to the food store, right?  At least once a week.  Put a list together for your friend so they can pick up items for you while they’re already there.  Another thing  a friend can do for you?  I’m an avid reading so I always go back to this.   If you love to read, I bet some of your friends do as well.  If you can’t get to the library, ask if they can pick up a book for you when they go.  With technology these days, you can easily reserve a couple of books that you want to read or maybe your friends have books that they’ve finished that they could loan you.   In the same realm, offer to have book club at your house and let everyone bring a snack.  Although you may not be getting out of the house, having friends over can bring you a social life that you might be missing.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with providing dementia care for a loved one in Western Montgomery or Upper Bucks County, PA, please contact us - we can help!