Exercise is very meaningful for elder care surgery recovery and beyond!

Our good friend, Joe Lipka, from Exton is an avid exerciser!  It has kept him looking as if he were not a day over 50, but he is officially quite a few years more senior.  But more importantly, exercise along with an incredibly positive attitude helped him recover from hip replacement surgery in record time!  Below is his story in his own words.  We thank him very much for sharing! And we encourage all of our senior friends in Western Montgomery and Upper Bucks county to include exercise in their elder care routines, too!

Joe calls it his "80-20 rule!"  Read on to find out why...

elder careAfter waiting for my second shoulder operation to heal and finishing my PT (shoulders are another story) I was able to have my right hip replaced after enduring 2 years of pain and having fun trying to put my right sock on.  My surgeon was Dr. Chet Simmons of Chester County Orthopedic (who I recommend).  I attended the pre-surgical seminar provided by the Chester County Hospital. This entailed a full step-by-step explanation of the operation, exercises to perform pre-surgery and post-surgery recovery exercises followed up by PT.

On March 16, 2011, I had the operation at Chester County hospital that went well. After the operation they like to get you up on your feet ASAP.  Well, as it turned out I didn’t have to get up on my feet that evening because everyone (the PT staff) had left for the day – I really wanted to try to get up. The next day I was able to get up with help and walked a little.

I was visited by a Bryn Mawr representative who explained that I was a candidate for their rehab program (since I am on Medicare and single, living alone). After a total of 3 days in the hospital I was able to walk out of the hospital with a cane and was admitted at Bryn Mawr Rehab. The rehab went great and the staff there really work you hard (if you don’t want to work hard – don’t go there!) I left there after 3 weeks and was able to do my exercises at home without any assistance.

After 30 days at home followed with a visit to Dr. Simmons  (I drove), I signed up for a few weeks of PT at Chester County Hospital Rehab that went very well thanks to Julia.

Today, I still do my workouts, I swim 3 days a week (110 laps), I do a 20 mile session on my Life Cycle once a week. Also I am an avid western skier (I still do bumps). I am working on a sciatic nerve issue on my right side and hope to get back to playing tennis (I’m a little self-conscience of it right now). I’ll will be 70 this year and I’m doing great!

Keep in mind that when you go through something the doctor only plays a small role in this – 20% the rest is up to you – 80%!


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