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“Baby Boomers Laugh and Learn" Web Site announces that Seniors Helping Seniors of Montco, an in-home senior care services provider, is under new ownership

November 13, 2012

Pottstown, Pa- Dara and Brad Trout are the new owners of the Seniors Helping Seniors in-home senior care, which helps older adults stay self-sufficient in the Western Montgomery and Upper Bucks Counties. The non-medical home care organization provides companionship, transportation, meal preparation, overnight stays and home maintenance services all by seniors who get paid for their work.

The long-term area residents decided to become franchise partners because of their own experiences with aging parents. When Dara’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, they learned firsthand about the emotional and physical effects of caring for an aging parent. Dara went from being a daughter to a caregiver. “We did all that we could to help my mom transition from independence to assisted living and, eventually, nursing care as she battled the disease for 10 years,” said Dara.

As their friends started to experience the same thing with their parents, Dara became a good resource. Dara drew on her personal experience to guide people through a process she had become familiar with. When the opportunity arose to become the owners of the local Seniors Helping Seniors care, it just made sense.

Seniors Helping Seniors services have sites throughout the country. “We are joining the ranks of Seniors Helping Seniors centers because we want other families in our own area to have to the resources and help that they need,” said Brad. “In addition to providing help we also give seniors who want to give back to their community a way to remain active and make a contribution. In this way caregivers and family members can have respite from the day-to-day care of their loved ones. They have peace of mind knowing that a responsible, caring and kind senior is helping.”

“The first impression I had of Dara and Brad Trout were that they are truly loving and caring people with very strong family values,” shared Seniors Helping Seniors Regional Owner, Sharon Santoni. “They have a very strong professional background managing people and meeting the needs of customers. Personally, they understand the commitment it takes to care for a family member because they cared for their own aging family members. We are so excited for them to join the Seniors Helping Seniors community, they will serve Montgomery and Upper Bucks Counties well.”

Philip Yocom, and his wife, Kiran Yocom, co-founded Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services, which began as a non-profit organization serving Berks County, Pennsylvania over ten years ago. The original Seniors Helping Seniors center continues that tradition, providing over 1,000 hours of service every month.

Philip Yocom said, “What began as a heartfelt mission to fill a need that was not being served by our local community is now being recognized as a prime business opportunity being fueled by the fastest growing demographic in our society,” he continued. “We want the existing Seniors Helping Seniors organization and our franchises to be the first place that seniors in need of non-medical services and those seeking extra income call.”

Seniors Helping Seniors organization has grown to over 200 franchises in more than 40 states including Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

“We support all of our franchises with the expertise we have gained in running the Seniors Helping Seniors Berks County office,” said Philip. “We also provide marketing, sales, management, and technology support. We believe we have found a practical, cost-effective way to help seniors remain independent and to continue contributing to their community.”

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