Elder Care Company Seniors Helping Seniors® Recognizes Recent Employees of the Month

Glenmoore, Pa – Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services proudly recognizes one of its employee caregivers each month for their “over and above” senior care service to the clients they serve.  The award comes with recognition in the company newsletter along with a gift card to a local establishment.

August, 2013 – Judy Slaughter of Spring City, Pa – When several other caregivers became ill in the same week, Judy went above and beyond by covering numerous appointments so our clients would not be without the support they needed. 

September, 2013 – Tracey Ronca of Phoenixville, PA – Tracey identified a rash on one of her dementia-care clients in Wayne, PA as a possible case of shingles.  By reporting the shingles very early on, the client was treated in time to avoid the pain that sometimes can accompany this illness. 

October, 2013 – Pat Reigel of Pottstown, PA – Pat provides live-in care to a senior client in Exton, PA.  One morning she awakened him to find that his leg was extremely swollen.  Her quick action alerted the family who in turn took the client to the ER where he was diagnosed and successfully treated for a blood clot. 

November, 2013 – Victoria “Tori” Rouse of Philadelphia, PA –   When Tori took her live-in client in West Chester, PA out to the shopping mall, she made a very strong impact on a clerk at one of the stores.  The clerk went out of her way to call our office to report what a caring and compassionate approach Tori took with our client.

Congratulations to these four wonderful caregivers and thank you to all of our loving, caring compassionate care providers for the work they do every day.

Seniors Helping Seniors ® home care organization provides companionship, transportation, meal preparation, personal elder care, light housekeeping and home maintenance services to seniors in Northern Chester, Western Montgomery, and Upper Bucks counties in Pennsylvania. Most care is provided by able seniors who get paid for their work.

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