Clients and Employees Speak Out About Seniors Helping Seniors

Compassionate In-home care

During July, 2015 our summer marketing intern, Lauren, completed a telephone survey of our Clients/Families and Caregivers.  The survey was brief, consisting of 6 questions.  112 people agreed to complete the survey.  The results have been compiled and we are very pleased to share the results with you.

When asked, "Would refer Seniors Helping Seniors to a friend or loved one?" the result was a staggering 100% said that they would or already have!

When clients were asked about their satisfaction with the caregivers that help them (on a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being "very satisfied") the average score was 4.8.  Similarly when caregivers were asked how satisfied they are with their assignments, they gave an average score of 4.7.

Numerical scores are helpful, but it's what people said when asked what they liked best about Seniors Helping Seniors that blew us away.  Here are a few specific examples of commonly heard themes:

"...they always bend over backwards to accommodate me."

"I have someone that can help me do the things that I can't do anymore and it is like they do it as a friend."

"They really care, want the best and don’t try to control her or take away her independence."

"On time, punctual, communicative."

"...relationships are great, the ages relate because they are both older."

"Peace of mind knowing everything is being taken care of."

"Loving people. Help me with whatever needs to be done that I'm not strong enough to do anymore."

Of course, no survey would be complete without trying to understand, "What would you like to see Seniors Helping Seniors do differently?"  84 people said, "Nothing."  Of the suggestions we did receive, most were unique to the situation of the individual, but did give us some great ideas for improvement in those cases.