Older Workers in Senior Home Care

This is "National Employ Older Workers Week" senior home care

At Seniors Helping Seniors we are proud to say we do just that for providing high quality senior home care.  Did you know:

  • Next year, 41% of Americans aged 55+ will be employed, making up over 21% of the U.S. work force?
  • In 2012, over 3.5 million Americans age 55 or over were either
    • working part-time instead of full-time,
    • were unemployed and actively looking for employment, or
    • had stopped looking for work because they had become discouraged
  • Adults aged 55-64, on average, were unemployed for 54.6 weeks, compared to 36.4 weeks for younger workers in 2012
  • 69% of workers age 60 or more remain working to remain productive more than just needing the money
  • Older workers remain more loyal to employers, reducing turnover costs for those employers

You can get more detailed facts, figures, and myths from The National Council on Aging's article Myths and Facts About Older Workers.

At Seniors Helping Seniors, we find our older employees (we call them caregivers) follow those exact trends.  We have one individual who repeatedly tells us how thankful she was that our company hired her when no other would.  And, yes, she is a model employee!  Others tell us they are working to remain active and productive.  Many tell us they just spend the money they earn on spoiling their grandchildren.

To join our team you don't need lots of degrees or credentials.  Rather, you just need to be a caring, compassionate person with some common sense.  For example, I received a call just today from a prospective caregiver who had previously cared for family members who had since passed away and she said, "I miss helping them out so when I saw your brochure, I thought this would be a perfect fit for me."  This is our perfect employee for senior home care!

So if you've been thinking about something to do while earning a few bucks to spoil your grandkids (or cats, dogs, horses, neighbors, or heck, even yourself!) then feel free to fill out our on-line employment application.  We would look forward to talking with you further about joining our team in providing top notch senior home care in Chester, Montgomery, or Bucks counties in Pennsylvania.  While our customers who need senior home care (we call them receivers) dictate when they need assistance, we coordinate with you to schedule your work during the days and times that work best for you.

Happy National Employ Older Workers Week!