In Home Assistance for the Elderly

In-home assistance for the elderly: Is it the right choice for your loved one?   Many seniors hope to live at home for as long as possible.  And the availability of in-home assistance for the elderly is expanding as the trend to remain at home continues.   Still, it is not the right choice for every senior and will depend on a number of things.    In-home assistance for the elderly allows seniors to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own homes, or the home of a loved one.  Non-medical care providers can provide help with daily activities, such as cooking, housekeeping and transportation, or even companionship.

To determine if in-home care for the elderly is right for your loved one, you’ll want to consider several things, such as his or her location.  Do they live in a rural area where a lot of driving is required?   If they are in an urban area, is there transit available, and if so, is it safe and accessible?  Another consideration is the home itself.  Are there many stairs?  Is there a large yard to maintain?  You’ll also want to consider social support for the senior, as it will be important to their health to maintain social connections.  Are they close by to friends and family?  Are there services available in the community?

Another consideration will be the physical condition of the senior loved one.  What kind of medical conditions do they have, and how are they likely to progress?  Whether to choose an assisted living facility or in-home assistance for the elderly is a big decision and it must be made with an eye on the future.  Medical conditions progress, new issues occur, and the stairs we used to run up and down daily may someday be insurmountable.

Obviously, you’ll want to include the senior loved one in the decision making process.  It is important to have these conversations early, and you probably won’t resolve the matter in one discussion.  As circumstances change over time, needs change as well.  The discussions should continue over a period of time to allow everyone involved to think about and consider each other’s’ point of view.  With in-home assistance for the elderly now more widely available, many seniors can remain at home.

If in-home assistance for the elderly is the right choice for your loved one, Seniors Helping Seniors® can help.  Our mission is to allow those seniors who wish to do so to remain at home.  We offer a wide range of non-medical services to seniors, provided by their peers, other seniors!  Our specially trained caregivers can offer as little or as much help as is needed.   If you are interested in receiving or providing in-home assistance, please call us at 610-590-4888 or email us at