Tips for Remaining Independent in Your Home: Part 2 - Safety Inside Your Home

Small changes can go a long way in avoiding falls for senior citizens.

As our parents and grandparents age, we all fear that most  devastating of events:  a fall which causes a broken hip, shoulder, arm, or leg.   So often this is the beginning of the transition to a full senior care nursing facility for senor citizens.

Again, an ounce of prevention...

In yesterday's article, we discussed ways to help senior citizens avoid falls by caring for your body.  Today we will review ways to care for your home which can make you or your older loved one safer.  Various home safety measures for seniors include:

senior care home safety for senior citizens

Handrails and grab bars are among the most important things you can modify in your home to prevent slips and falls.  Stairways should have sturdy handrails on both sides.  Adding grab bars to toilets, showers and bath tubs can be easy, inexpensive and of incredible help.

Good lighting in stairways is also critically important.  Adding always on nightlights at the top and bottom of stairs can be a simple, inexpensive start.  Installing LED lighting along the walls takes a bit more effort, but also provides a lot more light.  When carrying items up or down the stairs, be sure to use the handrails with one hand and do not obscure your view of the stairs with the item you are carrying.

Keep walkways and paths tidy.    Newspapers, clothes, books, shoes should never be kept on the stairs or in common walkways.

Use non-skid mats on all areas that may get wet.  Entrance ways, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are all great candidates.

Avoid throw rugs.  While these may add a touch of décor, they often add the chance to trip over them as well.

Keep electric cords and telephone wires neatly tucked away.  Taping these to baseboards can be a quick way to keep them permanently out of the way.

Be cognizant of where your pets are.  We love them.  But they can get under foot.  Keep a keen eye out for where they are in your home as you will likely do some crazy things to avoid tripping over them when you come upon them unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, you may be the one to fall!

For more information on adult falls for senior citizens  visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website on Adult Falls here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some tips on safety when you are out and about in your community!