Home Health Care in Phoenixville

Home health care in Phoenixville and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania is needed for seniors who are choosing to remain at home, rather than enter a residential facility. Seniors who live at home often also need non-medical in-home care. Non-medical in-home care can include household chores, yard work, personal grooming, meal preparation, shopping, transportation or even simple companionship.

Many seniors look forward to moving into assisted living but many more would like to remain in familiar surroundings. Aging brings a lot of changes already. Moving to a new residence is not a change that everyone will embrace. With all these elder individuals choosing to remain at home, a need is created for caregivers. Home health care in Phoenixville or elsewhere in Chester County is provided by visiting nurses or other medical professionals. Seniors Helping Seniors® is a provider of non-medical in home care which complements home health care in Phoenixville.

Seniors Helping Seniors® hires active seniors who are seeking employment to provide this non-medical care to other seniors who require assistance. If you are an active, compassionate senior with a desire to help others, then Seniors Helping Seniors® would like to meet with you. We are currently looking for caring individuals to provide non-medical in-home care to their peers. We believe that our unique approach is especially comforting to those needing help, because the help is coming from a peer. You may be needed to run errands, or you may just be a supportive presence, and someone to remind the client to take their medication. But make no mistake – this is a very important job. It is because of people like you that seniors can safely remain in the homes they love.

Seniors Helping Seniors® hopes to make a difference in the lives of those we meet. We get to know each of our clients personally to help us determine the level and type of assistance required. Then we find a compatible senior who can provide the needed assistance. We strongly believe that this unique peer relationship is an advantage in helping those needing care to maintain their independence and dignity.

Whether an individual needs a significant degree of assistance or just a little bit of help, Seniors Helping Seniors® can help. If you are an active senior interested in working with us to make a difference in our community, or if you need any type of non-medical or home health care in Phoenixville or throughout northern Chester County, please call us at 610-590-4888 or visit our website at www.seniorshelpingseniors.com.