Home Health Care in Exton

Home health care in Exton and throughout northern Chester County, Pennsylvania is extremely important in helping older Americans remain in their homes. Non-medical care and home health care services allow seniors to have their needs met at home so they can completely avoid or at least delay entering a nursing home. Depending on retirement income level and certain other factors, many seniors are eligible to receive state assistance toward the cost of this care.

Pennsylvania is the only state whose lottery proceeds exclusively benefit older people. Originally lottery proceeds provided tax relief for older Pennsylvania residents. Later, the proceeds were used to benefit seniors in other ways, such as providing assistance with home health care in Exton and other Pennsylvania communities, and by funding adult day care, in-home personal care, meal delivery, transportation and other programs. Unfortunately, since 2006, the state has been diverting a lot of this money to plug holes in the Medicaid nursing home program.

Nursing homes are the most expensive form of long-term care, and most people don’t want to go to a nursing home. Americans are living longer, healthier lives and the growing trend in the nation is for seniors to remain in their own home rather than entering a nursing home, by obtaining non-medical in-home care and/or home health care in Exton or wherever they reside.

Nursing homes benefit seniors as well, and may be the right choice for some people. But Seniors Helping Seniors® supports the choice to remain at home, believing it better enables seniors to maintain their independence and dignity. Seniors Helping Seniors® provides non-medical, in-home care to the elderly and is an excellent resource for home health care in Exton and elsewhere in northern Chester County.

At Seniors Helping Seniors® we believe that seniors value their independence as much as the rest of us and that this explains the growing tendency to avoid nursing homes. Our goal is to make this happen for as many people as possible by offering affordable care that seniors require. We focus on the non-medical in-home care that people need, such as personal grooming, cooking, light housekeeping and companionship. These things are just as important and as necessary as home health care in helping seniors maintain their independence.

Seniors Helping Seniors® is a unique organization that employs seniors to provide non-medical in-home care to other seniors in need of care. We feel receiving assistance from a peer with similar life experience benefits both our providers and those receiving care. If you are interested in providing care or in receiving assistance, please call us today at 610-590-4888. If you are interested in home health care in Exton or elsewhere in northern Chester County, please visit our website at www.seniorshelpingseniors.com for a list of helpful resources.