Help for Senior Care

In Home Assistance for Elderly

Seniors Helping Seniors® is Now a Chester County Department of Aging Options and Waiver Provider

Chester County Department of Aging contracts with Seniors Helping Seniors® to provide private and public support options for seniors who want to remain in their homes. For seniors who wish to maintain their independence, rather than enter a nursing home, both private and public support options are available. Seniors Helping Seniors® works closely with each senior who wants help, to match them with well-trained peers who can provide help. Senior care is different for everyone, each individual can choose to get as much or as little support as he or she needs.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) Waiver Program is also administered by the Chester County Department of Aging Services (CCDAS). This program provides services funded through a special federal waiver that allows Medicaid payments usually used for nursing home care to be used for home care services. To participate, age and residency requirements must be met; Medical eligibility is determined by a comprehensive assessment done by the CCDAS, with verification provided by your physician.

The Chester County Assistance Office (CAO) will assist the senior with completing a financial application to determine financial eligibility. If eligible, a trained care manager and a registered nurse will work with each individual to develop a care plan based on his or her needs. A list of certified senior care service providers are then presented to the senior from which they can choose someone to provide service in their home.

The Chester County office of Seniors Helping Seniors® was started by Judy Fobes in 2008 to help seniors find the long-term home and community based assistance needed to allow them to remain at home. Receiving senior care at home, rather than entering a nursing home, allows seniors to maintain their independence and dignity. There is a growing trend in the community of seniors opting to receive senior care services at home.