Celebrating In-Home Caregivers Week

Our caregivers (aides) provide all the magic!

Here at Seniors Helping Seniors®, we truly appreciate the great value our caregivers (aides) provide to the clients and families we support.  And, those clients and families do, too!

In celebration of National Home Care Aide Week, here are just a few of the comments we have received this year about our GREAT caregivers!

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how our family has valued the services that Linda M provides to us.  Her heart is really in the work, and it shows every day.  We are blessed  to have her as Mom’s caregiver.” - Anne G.

"Scott H is fantastic, by the way!  And now a member of our extended, extended family - Vonnay - is working as one of your telephone folks.  - Sue S.

Florence called and raved (to Jennie) about Andrea D's service today!  

"Gwen B is a hard worker and is always so happy and chipper and a very good caregiver!"  - Gay H.

"I just love Kathy M!  She is such a great help to me!" - Lena R.

"I really enjoy Andrea D's company!" - Gertrude V.

"I love all my caregivers, and especially Lucy C!  We have an adopted mother/daughter like relationship." - Lillian B.

Wow, Between Lauri W and now Sharon B, 2 fabulous matches for mom! - Karen C.

"Ann E did a beautiful job for Ms. M's home, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!" - Joanne S.

"Sue A is such a blessing to my mom and she is like a daughter to my mom.  She does everything for her, without being asked, and is so nice and calm with her."  - Fran B.

"You sent us angels to care for dad, and we knew it right away when we me Carol C and Charlie J." - Dino C. 

A huge THANK YOU  to all our amazing employee caregivers that do so much for the seniors in our care!

You can read more of our testimonials by clicking here!  Or, to learn more about getting home care for yourself or your loved one, click here!