February is National Senior Independence Month

senior care servicesTips for staying independent from senior care services provider, Seniors Helping Seniors®

At Seniors Helping Seniors in home services, our entire mission is to help seniors remain living independently with dignity and respect!  Our senior care services span a wide range of areas to help seniors do just that.  In this article we will focus on several ways you can help yourself or your loved ones to remain independent.

Let's start with some Home Safety ideas.

Since falls are one of the top causes of home injury among seniors, here are a few fall prevention tips:

  • Throw rugs:  Remove  them or securely fasten them to the floor with strong double-sided tape
  • Extension cords:  Move them under furniture and out of any area you might walk in
  • Books, magazines and newspapers:  Off the floor!
  • Stairs:  Have handrails installed on BOTH sides of the stairway
  • Interior Lighting:  Be sure all living areas are well-lit; installed auto-on night lights in bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms
  • Exterior Lighting:  Have motion-sensing lights installed near the entrance(s) you use most often... front, back, or garage doors
  • Bathroom floors:  Non-skid bath rugs are great, and even better if securely attached to the floor
  • Tub/Shower:  Install those self-stick traction strips on the bottom.  And get a shower chair and hand-held shower head.  Showering sitting down is both easier and safer.
  • Bathroom and tub/show walls:  Add grab bars.  You can have them professionally installed, or find very reliable suction-cup affixed handles in most drug stores

Sometimes things just become more difficult as we experience physical limitations like those brought on by arthritis or weakening muscles.  Here are some easy modifications that can really help in this area:

  • Kitchen:  Put all frequently used items within easy reach to avoid need to stretch or use a stool.  Have wide handles (instead of knobs) installed on doors and drawers.  Consider pull out shelves and "Lazy Susans" for easier access to things.
  • Bathroom:  Purchase an inexpensive toilet seat riser at your local pharmacy.  This can really make getting up and down on the toilet much easier.
  • Home Automation:  You probably love your remote control for your TV.  Likewise you can automate lamps, coffee pots, and other common household electrical items with various home automation solutions.  You can learn more about home automation by reading our prior article on the subject here.
  • Adjust your computer monitor:  For visual difficulties, it is quite easy to make the fonts larger on your computer, tablet, or e-reader.
  • Sinks, Tubs, and Showers:  Have twist faucets replaced with single lever faucets.

Next, you can check out our prior article for some tips for safety when you venture outside your home .

And finally, in case a serious accident were to happen, learn more about Personal Emergency Response Systems at our prior article on this subject by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about "healthy aging" you can come to our presentation on the topic on February 25, 2014 at the Phoenixville Hospital Senior Resource Center. More information can be found on our "Where We'll Be" page.  Or for more information about home safety and modifications on the web, check out AARP's Home Fit Guide.  A great resource for fall prevention is at www.stopfalls.org.

About us:  Seniors Helping Seniors provides in-home senior care services in Northern Chester, Western Montgomery, and Upper Bucks counties in Pennsylvania.  We are always looking for loving, caring, compassionate care providers in these areas and we are an equal opportunity employer.