National Safety Month!

Keeping seniors in their own homes

June is National Safety Month and the best way for Seniors Helping Seniors to celebrate is by talking about seniors living in their homes. A home is meant to provide a feeling of independence and our homes fulfill many needs. For the maturing population, housing is especially important. Particularly for those seniors who want to continue living in there homes as long as possible.

patient_480Home accidents are a major source of injury that can even cause death. Senior citizens are especially susceptible to serious injuries from home accidents. An aging body’s bones are often less dense and more delicate, making them vulnerable to breakage. An unplanned fall from a lack of home safety can become a serious and disabling injury that consequently limits this senior’s independence.

As a body ages, it's senses tend to decline. It's sense of sight, touch, hearing and smell become weak. The body’s physical abilities are reduced making it more challenging to lift, stretch and bend. Judgment and reaction time also slow, making it difficult to respond as quickly as a younger body. These changes in perception are usually inevitable yet completely normal, therefore simple adjustments can help ensure a safe, accident free home.

Some of these adjustments include:

  • Keeping stairs clear with tops and bottoms clearly marked
  • Making sure hallways and doorways are obstruction free
  • Installing smoke detectors
  • Keeping area rugs secure and safe
  • Taping down chords and wires
  • Making sure exits stay clear
  • Be able to utilize a telephone
  • These along with many others that you can find at…

Seniors Helping Seniors main goal is to keep seniors independent in their homes for as long as they are able. These adjustments make it easier for us to help you!