Technology Helps With Home Health Care in Pennsylvania

If you have to leave your elderly loved one home alone, it is good to know that technology can help with home health care in Pennsylvania. Today’s technology designed with seniors in mind can help in areas such as medication compliance, monitoring, disease management, assistive devices, cognitive fitness and social connections.

A main concern for the families who have aging loved ones living on their own is safety. There are many new products and technologies available that address these fears. These concerns are anywhere from forgetting to turn the stove off, to remembering to take vital medications.

There are devices that can be installed that will turn the stove off automatically if left unattended for a long period. There are even devices that will put out a fire if food is left cooking on the stove and starts to burn. Electronic Medication Dispensers can make sure medications are being properly taken and on time. There are in-home systems that can tell if someone has fallen even if they are unable to call for help.

One technology that has been around for awhile and gaining popularity with seniors is the internet. The internet is quickly becoming a great way for seniors to stay connected to friends and family that may not live close by. Sharing photos of grandchildren helps your elderly loved one feel connected to family. Many Seniors Helping Seniors providers can help receivers with using email, text messaging and social networks like starting a Facebook account.

Chairwoman of Seniors Helping Seniors, Kiran Yocom says, “What we know is that technology can be extremely helpful in ensuring that someone can live independently longer in his or her own home. We also know that the critical issue, which we must always address, is the issue of companionship. Being lonely or feeling connected can make the difference in someone’s life. We are here to help out by providing emotional support and technology answers to give our receivers the best possible environment for quality of life.”

A provider of home health care in Pennsylvania and across the United States is Seniors Helping Seniors. It is where seniors who are still active and healthy want to help other seniors who need a little extra help. Seniors Helping Seniors provides light housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, personal care and shopping. One of the best services they provide is companionship.

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