Senior Care Providers

How Old is Your Oldest Senior Care Provider?

Recently this question was asked to all the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise partners.  The response was quite interesting.   The oldest senior care providers were in their eighties but were still very active, sharp and energetic.   The oldest senior care provider that Dara Trout has is 83 years young!  She has a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in Northern Chester County, PA.

The oldest senior care provider according to this survey is a soon to be new hire for Greg  DeMaagd in California.  She will be 95 next month.  Greg says that if you met her you would swear that she is 70!  She works out regularly, eats right, stays healthy and is very active, very fit and very sharp.  The second oldest senior care provider is 93 who takes care of an 89 year old with Alzheimers’ in New York.

Mona May from Seniors Helping Seniors in Florida has this to say about Seniors Helping Seniors and her oldest senior care provider, “Our oldest provider is a little dynamo…she is 87. She is quite mobile, still drives quite well and has beautiful energy.  By the way we have gatherings of 85 plus yrs. old on a frequent basis to listen, play or sing music.  Some of them are former professional musicians and singers.  It is quite a memorable time.   Who else in this industry does this except Seniors Helping Seniors?”

Randy Stout who has a franchise in Pennsylvania has a few who are in their 80’s, but the oldest (Marie) is 82.  We have a gentleman (Otto) who does most of our yard work who is 80.  He is also an entrepreneur who does work with our state capital…and then he also works part-time at Sears (they keep calling him because he is so reliable and he just can’t say “no”)

Gail Bernardy who has a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in Iowa has this to say about her senior care provider.  “My oldest provider is 78 and although she is extremely vibrant and energetic, I had a few reservations about hiring her until she told me her father is 101 and on the board at his senior living facility (which he dislikes because the residents ‘just talk about their aches and pains’ and he doesn’t have any). He’s evidently very vibrant and energetic too, because he told his daughter (my provider) that a woman at his facility came up to him and told him how delighted she was that ‘they had finally chosen a younger person to serve on the board!”

Rosemary Resler in Connecticut has this to say about her senior care providers.  “My oldest provider is 74 years young, and she can run circles around me with all of her energy.  I have another provider who is 72 and has just taken the Nurse’s Aide course, she is the oldest person to take this test in Connecticut and I’m so proud of her!”

Grace Watson another Seniors Helping Seniors partner in Florida just lost her oldest senior care provider. “My oldest provider was 84 and he passed in January.  He worked for SHS since I opened my business.   He was my best provider and I miss him so much.  His name was Paul Walsh.   A beautiful, Irish soul who went above and beyond what I expected any of my providers to do. I still expect him to come up my driveway to drop off his timesheet.  The receiver families honored him by attending his wake.  His last receiver he was a companion to had Alzheimers’ and his family brought him to his wake.  This man who had progressive memory loss saw Paul and cried like a baby.  I was honored to have Paul Walsh work for Seniors Helping Seniors.

The senior care providers that Seniors Helping Seniors employs regardless of age are truly wonderful people who make a difference in the lives that they touch, and who love doing what they do.  If you or anyone you know feels that they would make an ideal senior care provider give us a call at 610-590-4888 or visit our website at