Senior Care in Phoenixville

Sometimes the need for senior care in Phoenixville  is sudden and obvious. But more often, a senior’s need for assistance becomes apparent over time. So how do you know when to arrange for senior care for your loved one?

There are several signs to watch for which may indicate that you should consider senior care in Phoenixville or elsewhere. Changes in behavior, such as loss of interest in favorite hobbies or forgetting appointments or to pay bills can, but does not necessarily, indicate a problem. Since we all experience these things from time to time, your best bet is to spend time with the person, pay attention, tag along on doctor appointments, and if necessary, be a little nosy.

Once you’ve identified a need for senior care in Phoenixville or anywhere else, you can formulate a plan to obtain that help. The challenge may be to get your loved one to accept it. Most seniors value their independence, and accepting help from anyone, especially a stranger, is hard for many people.

The most important thing is to approach it gently. You cannot tell your loved one that they “need” to get help – that will only make them resistant. Instead, ease into it slowly. Start by offering to hire someone to handle an unappealing chore, such as housekeeping. Always include the senior in all decisions, and remind them that it can be temporary – if they don’t feel it is working out, they do not have to continue.

Another recommendation is to choose your words carefully. Frame your idea in a way that will appeal to your loved one. Maybe senior care in Phoenixville that includes housekeeping or meal preparation is a “luxury” they deserve. Let them know that their acceptance of help will ease your fears and reduce the stress that you are feeling. And make your loved one the boss. Describe the providers of senior care in Phoenixville as “assistants” which will let your loved one know that they are still in charge.

If you still have difficulty getting your loved one to accept assistance, try to figure out why. Openly discuss their reluctance and any fears they may be having. By getting it all out in the open you may be able to put many of those fears to rest. Remember though, that it is a big step to let a stranger into your home even if they are there to help. Try to appreciate this.

Seniors Helping Seniors provides non-medical senior care in Phoenixville and throughout northern Chester County. We are unique in that our providers are also seniors, which we believe makes them better able to relate to those they provide care for. Our providers can help a little, or a lot – you decide. If your loved one needs assistance with household chores, personal care, shopping, transportation or if they just need occasional companionship, we can help. Please call us today at 610-590-4888 or visit our website at