Guest Blog: Elder Care Provider Poem For Those Who Have Lost Someone

Elder Care Poem

elder care

Our neighboring Seniors Helping Seniors territory in Delaware County, PA employs a lovely caregiver named Fereshteh Sholevar Herrmann.  She cared for her mother at home full-time until her mother's passing.  Now she provides elder care for others in the Seniors Helping Seniors way -- by providing loving, compassionate care to those who need a little help!

Fereshteh recently wrote a poem, which we publish here with her permission and that of Cindy Lefkowitz, owner of Seniors Helping Seniors in Delaware County, PA.  We thank both of them for their generosity in sharing this original work.

The poem is called "But I Am Not!"  It certainly seems like caring for others and writing this poem was a labor of love for Fereshteh, so it is fitting that we publish it on Labor Day!

But I Am Not

- by Fereshteh Sholevar Herrmann


You think I’m gone

You think I’m sleeping deeply and endlessly,

But I am not!

I have not left the presence of your memory.


I am in the unknown passages of the moon

Beside the playful winking stars,

On all blue roads of the sky,

And between the colored interludes

Of the sun and the migrating clouds.


In the fall of rain I purify you,

In the scent of flowers I surround you

And in the softness of the wind

I talk gently to you.


I am watching you with the eyes

Of every present moment,

And hold your hands with the rise and

Fall of every passing day.


I live in the raspberry dreams of the sun

And travel from dreaming half-moon

To the sober full-moon.


I am in the immensity of your thoughts

And the kind embrace of your heart.


Look up and you will find me

In the flight of all birds

Flying high or swooping low,

Singing cheerful, carefree songs.


There's no distance between you and me.


I am all around you and all above you.

I will be gone when you are.